Terms & Conditions

  1. Below are the conditions of entry which apply to Golden Bee’s ‘#GoldenBeeSelfie Instagram’ promotion. Please read carefully.
  2. The promoter is Hornbee Limited (07248586)of Singer Street, EC1V 9DD, Shoreditch, United Kingdom.
  3. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. You understand that you are providing your information to Golden Bee, and not to Instagram, and you completely release Instagram from any claims in relation to this promotion.
  4. Information about the prize, how to enter, and Instagram’s Terms of Use, form parts of these conditions of entry. By entering the promotion, these conditions of entry apply. Participation in this promotion constitutes acceptance of these conditions of entry. These conditions of entry may change from time to time without notice.
  5. The promotional period is from 00.01am GMT on the 1st of every month and ends at 00.00 (midnight) GMT on the last day of every month, starting in March 2018 and ending in September 2018.
  6. These conditions of entry are governed by the laws of the UK.
  7. You can’t enter this promotion if you (or your immediate family including parents, children, siblings, partner and grandparents, or housemates) are directors, management, employees, officers or contractors of Golden Bee or affiliated companies.
  8. You cannot enter this competition if you are under the age of 21.
  9. You don’t have to buy anything to enter or win, but during the Promotion Period you will need to:

(a) Have a valid, registered Instagram account; and

(b) Share with us a selfie at the Golden Bee venue taken by you, that is then posted on Instagram with the added hashtag #GoldenBeeSelfie or with @GoldenBeeec1 tagged.

  1. You can enter as many times as you like. Your entry is received at the time Golden Bee sees your post. If your entry gets lost in cyberspace or doesn’t arrive for any other reason, that’s not Golden Bee’s fault.
  2. Golden Bee might have to extend the dates of the promotion but only if it’s totally unavoidable (for example, if Instagram is unavailable for 24 hours or more) and we’ll let you know if we do.
  3. All eligible entries will be judged on quality and creativity, and the best entry will win the prize. This is a competition of skill and there is no element of chance in this promotion.
  4. Judging will take place on the first Monday of the following month at Golden Bee Office at Singer Street, EC1V 9DD, Shoreditch, United Kingdom (or at an undisclosed location otherwise determined as required by Golden Bee). The decisions of the promoter are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Golden Bee reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who has engaged in unlawful or improper conduct that is designed to jeopardise the fair conduct of the promotion or is generally damaging to the reputation of Golden Bee, or has otherwise breached these conditions of entry (as determined in Golden Bee’s sole discretion). Golden Bee may determine, in its sole discretion, if an entry is suitable and may disqualify any entrant who submits content it deems to be objectionable or offensive (even though such content might not be offensive to everyone).
  6. Golden Bee can cancel or modify the promotion if there are compelling technical or administrative reasons which we cannot control. If that happens, Golden Bee will select the winner(s) from all eligible entries received at that time.
  7. Each month the best entry will receive a GBP £50 Golden Bee Bar tab to be used at Singer Street, EC1V 9DD, Shoreditch, United Kingdom. Total prize value is approximately GBP £50 each month for 6 months. These prize values are accurate at the start of the promotion.
  8. In the first week of each month during the competition we’ll notify the prize winner by posting a comment on the winning Instagram post from the @goldenbeeec1 Instagram account. The winner must respond and claim their prize by emailing us atinfo@goldenbee.co.uk within 72 hours of us posting our Instagram comment. We’ll then sort out any details required for the prize with the winner by email.
  9. Golden Bee will do its best to find the winner. But if we can’t, or if a prize winner hasn’t contacted us within 72 hours of us commenting, the next best entry may be declared the winner of the prize.
  10. If you do win we may ask you to provide proof of identity, residency and age. If you can’t provide, or refuse to provide, suitable proof, then you may be disqualified, and we may choose another winner.
  11. You can’t exchange any of the prizes for cash, or ask us to give it to someone else. You’ll be responsible for all taxes, insurance and any other expenses, fees and costs connected with that prize that are not included in the prize description.
  12. You are also responsible for your use of the prize, including complying with any applicable terms and conditions of use.

Golden Bee and our promotional partner are not responsible for use of the prize which results in:

(a) loss that was not reasonably foreseeable;

(b) loss that was not caused by our negligence;

(c) business losses (such as lost data, lost profits or business interruptions) or loss suffered by non-consumers;

(d) losses caused by factors which could reasonably be considered to be outside our control (such as faults in third party equipment, or delayed or cancelled flights); and

(e) any loss caused, or contributed to, by your breach of conditions of entry or your negligence.

  1. You agree that all of your entry is your own work and that you own any images you submit.Copyright licence: Unless you opt-out of this licence by emailing us atinfo@goldenbee.co.uk in return for entering the promotion you grant Golden Bee a worldwide, non-exclusive, revocable licence in perpetuity to reproduce, publish, adapt, communicate and broadcast all or part of your entry in any media for the purposes of this competition. On submission, you also consent to us editing, re-using, storing, reproducing and communicating your entry in any medium. Generally, we will attribute you as the author where possible, but in some circumstances, we may decide not to.Golden Bee will use any personal information contained in your entry, or submitted via email, to conduct the promotion and award the prize. If you win a prize, Golden Bee can use your name and photograph (if provided) for future marketing purposes unless you tell us not to. We will keep your personal information in accordance with in accordance with current UK data protection legislation.
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